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About the Library: Printing and PaperCut

Printing Policy

Effective January 2016, Hagerstown Community College implemented the PaperCut print management system, to which the following processes apply:

  • Students must know their HCC student email login information in order to print from any library computer. Additionally, students need to have their current HCC student ID cards to release print jobs from the Xerox machine.
  • Each semester, funds are credited to students' online PaperCut accounts according to the following: Current part-time students (six or less credits) receive $5.25, and current full-time students (more than six credits) receive $10.50.
  • Community members who wish to print must notify a library staff member to assist them.
  • Copying and printing services are now charged on a per-side basis, either to an HCC student ID, or paid in cash by community members.
  • Scanning to an email address or to a USB flash drive is free to all.

Most importantly, never be afraid to ask a library staff member for help! Visit the HCC Campus Card page for more details and helpful links.

Papercut Prices