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About the Library: Study Room Reservations

Study Room Reservation Guidelines

The William M. Brish Library is equipped with 3 single study and 2 group study rooms as well as a Quiet Study space. Current HCC students may reserve the study rooms for up to 4 hours per day according to the guidelines listed below.

  1. Users: Current HCC students have precedence in reserving and using study rooms.  Faculty/staff and community members may use study rooms on a walk-in basis if students do not need them.  Study rooms are intended for academic work related to HCC courses.
  2. Group Study Room Use: Groups take precedence in use of the group study rooms.  Individuals may use the room on a walk-in basis if no group is present but must be prepared to vacate the room if a group requests it. Exceptions can be made at library staff discretion.
  3. Group Arrival Times: Group Study rooms can be reserved in advance, but all members of the study group must show up at the same time to get the room. The room cannot be held by one member. The reservation is cancelled after 15 minutes of a no show.
  4. Student ID Card: At least one member of the group must have a Brish library card and present it to check out the room.
  5. Group Room Supplies: Supplies for group study rooms are available for check-out at the circulation desk.  These include whiteboard markers, erasers, remotes, and connectors for the TVs provided.
  6. Reservation Limits: Group Study Rooms may be reserved for 2-hour blocks and single study rooms for 1-hour blocks.  The same group or individual may request a maximum of 4 hours per day.  Students may reserve only one room per day.  The library reserves the right to delete multiple bookings if a student is over their allotted time.
  7. Advance and Recurring Reservations: Reservations may be made up to five business days in advance.  Recurring reservations may be made only for students with disabilities.  Exceptions must be approved by the Library Coordinator.
  8. No-Shows: If the person holding a reservation has not arrived within 15 minutes after the reservation start time, the reservation will be cancelled, and other patrons will be allowed to use the room.
  9. Room Abandonment: Leaving study rooms or abandoning items for longer than 15 minutes will result in cancellation of booking.  Items may be removed to make way for other occupants.
  10. Noise Level: Groups agree to keep conversations quiet and be respectful of other library patrons.
  11. Condition After Use: Users agree to leave their room in a neat and clean condition, including shutting the door when leaving.
  12. Sleeping: Sleeping is prohibited in the study rooms.
  13. Food: Drinks and dry snacks are permitted in study rooms.  Please consume meals elsewhere.
  14. Guideline Violations: Users violating these guidelines may forfeit the right to use a study room for a term to be decided by library staff.
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