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Hagerstown Community College
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Fletcher Center Teaching and Learning Resources: Student Support

Teaching and learning resources for Hagerstown Community College

Get help for students

infographic for helping students in need by being present in your class, using the general student report form to connect students with resources, and contributing to the food pantry in the student center

Student mental health

Student how-to

Library and Learning Support Center services for faculty

      Learning Resources Center building at HCC                      The William M. Brish Library and the Learning Support Center (LSC) offer a range of services and resources for students and faculty. Click the LSC and Library Faculty Services tab on this page to learn more about how the library and LSC staff can support your teaching with class visits, embedded librarians or tutors, help finding open educational resources, and more.

The library is located on the second floor of the Learning Resources Center (LRC) near the main entrance to campus. 

       LSC building at HCC

The LSC is located in the LSC building at the top of the hill, near the STEM building.

Career and internship advising

workers in formal business attire shaking hands at end of job interview

Students who have a career goal and who declare a major early are more likely to persist and complete an academic program than those who do not. Many HCC students are first-generation college students who want and need information about the diversity of careers available to educated workers.

Instructors can help students succeed by integrating career discussions into teaching, advising and service. Discuss ways that people in various work fields apply knowledge and skills from the discipline. Encourage students to set up a Focus 2 account and complete the self-assessments to see how their career interests and skills align with majors at HCC. If you can help students connect to internships or information interviews, consider joining HCC’s College Central community and complete the Mentoring Network Profile. (Choose “alumni” when registering; this group includes alumni and friends.)

For liberal arts students, there is good news: employers value the critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills of strong liberal arts graduates (AACU 2013). But to build a bridge to a career, liberal arts students must acquire the relevant work experience that employers prefer. A part-time career-related job, paid or volunteer, is one way to earn relevant experience. An internship is another way. For many students, the internship experience is critical to competing for good careers. Employers want HCC students as interns. Instructors are the link between the groups. 

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