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Nursing Resource Guide: Finding Scholarly Sources

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Can Books be Scholarly Resources?

Although faculty are usually referring to journal articles when asking students to use scholarly resources, some scholars choose to publish their research in book form. To determine if a book is scholarly, first look for information in the book that details the author's expertise in the subject area, such as a doctorate (Ph.D.) or an indication of being a faculty member at a prestigious college or university. Next, look at the publisher to determine if they are a university press or a publishing house that specializes in a specific scholarly discipline. Finally, take a close look at the content of the book. If it is scholarly, it will be written for scholars or other experts and not for the general public.

Recognizing Scholarly Sources

Scholarly sources are written by experts in a particular field to keep other scholars or professionals aware of the most recent studies or research in that field.

Additional characteristics of scholarly sources:

  • Articles have abstracts and cited references
  • All tables, graphs, and charts include content related to the publication in which they're found
  • Published in scholarly journals or scholarly books
  • Scholarly journals and books are typically published by universities or professional associations

For more information on how to recognize scholarly sources, see the PowerPoint presentation below.

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