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Welcome to the Election Resource Guide

Need more information about voting in an election?  Whether you're a new voter wondering how to register to vote; an experienced voter looking for more information before making a decision on a candidate; or a seasoned pundit eager to do some fact-checking, the resources in this guide will help you with find the information you need. Click on the tabs above or use the Table of Contents to find more detailed information.

Experience the History of American Democracy

Check out these interactive exhibits and resources from the Smithsonian about the nation's democracy, the importance of voting, and some of the key players in creating the democratic system we have today. 

American Democracy: A Great Leap of Faith Exhibition from the National Museum of American History

Voices and Votes: Faces of Change in American Democracy interactive online exhibit

Check out this video presentation with Barbara Clark Smith, Curator of Political History at the National Museum of American History, as she discusses the museum's American Democracy exhibit and the biggest political challenges of today. 

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