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TRiO Student Support Services: TRiO SSS Eligibility

Striving for Student Success


To be eligible to participate in the TRIO Student Support Services Program, the student:

  • Must be a citizen or national of the United States or meet the residency requirements for federal student financial assistance.
  • Must be enrolled in credit courses at Hagerstown Community College or accepted for enrollment in the next academic term.
  • Must demonstrate a need for academic support, as determined by the project manager, in order to successfully pursue a post-secondary educational program.

In addition, to be eligible the student  must meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Must be a first generation student (defined as neither parent received a four-year degree);
  • Must be an income-eligible individual, as defined by the U.S. Department of Education
  • Must be an individual with a documented disability, as defined in section 12102 of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Important: Eligibility does not guarantee admission to the program. TRIO SSS staff reserve the right to determine admission based on a comprehensive review of eligibility, academic need, preferred qualifications, and current openings in the program. Preference for admission to TRIO SSS is given to students who:

  • Meet multiple eligibility criteria (first-generation, income eligibility, documented disability)
  • Have a GPA above 2.0
  • Are enrolled full-time (12 credits or more each semester) and plan to earn a degree from HCC

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TRIO Student Support Services (TRIO SSS) at HCC is designed to help students who are are first-generation, income-eligible, and have documented disabilities. As a federally funded program, TRIO SSS works to enable a select group of students to overcome barriers toward achieving personal, academic, and financial success.

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