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Programs & Assessment: Institutional Assessment

Institutional Assessment

Levels of Assessment

Institutional Learning Outcomes:

  • ILO1. Responsibility. Exhibit personal and social responsibility by practicing self-direction, persistence, lifelong learning, and responsible citizenship. 
  • ILO2. Globalization and Diversity. Explore and analyze new ideas and understand the value of moral sensitivity and cultural diversity. 
  • ILO3. Critical Thinking and Communication. Practice intellectual skills such as critical and independent thinking, effective communication, and knowledge acquisition and application.
  • ILO4. Scientific and Quantitative Reasoning. Process, analyze, and synthesize scientific and numerical data, and apply mathematical concepts appropriately. 
  • ILO5. Information Literacy and Technology. Apply the research process to access information and use technology to analyze, evaluate, synthesize, and use information resourcefully.
  • ILO6. Professionalism. Apply the knowledge and skills gained from academic discipline to complete personal and professional goals.

Each year, student outcomes on all levels are assessed. All faculty have a role to play in the assessment of outcomes, and all course and program outcomes are assessed every year. Two ILOs are assessed per year, and each ILO is assessed once every three years, according to the schedule below:

Year 1 (AY21/22) - ILOs 2 & 3

Year 2 (AY22/23) - ILOs 4 & 6

Year 3 (AY23/24) - ILOs 1 & 5

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