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Learning Support Center - Student Resource Guide: Study Rooms



Study rooms are available to current HCC students doing academic work related to HCC courses.

Study rooms are intended for groups of 2 or more students. A student may use a room alone when multiple rooms are available, but the last open room should be kept available for group use. (Exceptions can be made at staff discretion.)

Student Conduct

Students agree to keep conversations quiet and be respectful of other students.

Students agree to leave the room in a neat and clean condition, including shutting the door when leaving.

Students agree to check out at the Welcome Desk when finished.

Reservation Limits

Group study rooms may be reserved for blocks of up to 2 hours each. The same group may request a maximum of 4 hours per day. Groups may reserve only 1 room at a time. The staff reserve the right to delete multiple bookings if a group is over their allotted time.


If the group holding a reservation has not arrived within 15 minutes after the reservation start time, the reservation may be cancelled and other students will be allowed to use the room instead.

Students should not leave study rooms unattended for longer than 15 minutes. If that happens, staff may cancel the reservation and remove the students' personal belongings so that other students can use the room.

Students found in the study rooms without a reservation can be asked to leave if another group has already reserved the room.

Click here to reserve a group study room in the Learning Support Center.

(Students may also use the rooms on a walk-in basis. Availability is not guaranteed.)

If you are looking for other options, the HCC Library also has study rooms available. Click here to learn more about Library study rooms.

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