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Learning Support Center - Student Resource Guide: Schedules & Staff

Walk-in Tutoring Schedule

This schedule may be incorrect when the college is closed on short notice (e.g. a snow day). For college-wide closures, consult the main HCC website instead.

NO APPOINTMENTS are needed for walk-in tutoring...

Filter the schedule below to find walk-in tutoring times for your class

In the "by keyword" Filter box, type your course with a hyphen. The calendar will show when tutors are scheduled for that course. (Click here for a video demonstration.)

Example: Type "MAT-160" to see when tutors are scheduled for MAT-160.
(You must type it exactly that way. It won't work if you type "MAT 160" or "MATH-160" instead.)
To see tutors for reading/writing help in ANY class, you can type "writing" instead of a specific course.

To access this calendar on your phone instead, install the iOS App or Android App.

...but we also have appointments!

You can walk in for tutoring (without an appointment) or you can schedule an appointment by clicking STEM appointment or Writing & Research appointment.


If you don't see any tutors scheduled for your course, we might not have an experienced tutor available right now. However, the LSC staff can assist with general skills in any class that features math, science, reading, writing, or computer technology. We will always do our best to help!

You can register for scheduled workshops and online tutoring appointments by clicking the links on our STEM page or Writing page.

LSC & Library Staff

LSC Staff:
A "Learning Support Specialist" (or "LSS") is a professional tutor in the LSC Tutoring Hub or LSC Writing Center.
We also have peer tutors (who are students like you).

Library Staff:
The Library staff are found in the Brish Library, on the 2nd floor of the Learning Resource Center (LRC) building.

Please note:
The Learning Support Center (LSC) and the Learning Resource Center (LRC) 
are two different buildings.


The STEM Tutoring staff should appear below.
The Writing & Research Assistance staff should appear below.

Learning Support Center

Regular Hours: 

Mon - Thur: 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Friday: 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Saturday: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. 
Sunday: Closed

Click here for daily tutor schedule.

(See HCC site for weather closures.)


Writing & Research Help (Click to chat)

STEM Subjects Help (Click to chat)

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