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Library & LSC

Library/LSC Instruction Request

Would you like library and/or LSC staff to work directly with your class? Librarians can present instruction in library services, information literacy, and/or critical thinking. Learning Support Specialists can provide classroom visits, workshops in the Learning Support Center, or other instruction for all disciplines. Both areas can also collaborate to customize a learning experience. 

Whether your class is remote, on campus, or hybrid, we can customize a solution that works for you and your students.

Let us know how we can serve you and your students to support the learning process!

Syllabus Content

Faculty may copy and paste the following information about our services directly into their syllabi for student reference.


The William M. Brish Library wants to help you find the resources you need to succeed!  Visit us online at or on the second floor of the Learning Resource Center to discover a wealth of scholarly articles, e-books, and more!  Access expert librarians 24/7 through our website, or stop in for personal assistance.  Study space, computers, and printing/copying available.  Hours: M-Th 8:30am-6pm; F 8:30am-4:30pm.  Phone: 240-500-2237

Learning Support Center

Providing academic support to all students taking credit and non-credit courses at HCC, the Learning Support Center (LSC) offers individual drop-in tutoring (no appointments necessary), group tutoring, and specialized assistance with specific populations, such as TRiO and ELL students. The professional staff has content-area specialties in English and writing, math and science, computer technology, and more.

Find us in the Learning Support Center building and on Zoom from M-Th 8am-8pm, F 8am-4:30pm, and Sat 9am-3pm (Zoom only). Visit us online at or call 240-500-2560 for more information and online resources.

Library & LSC Introductions

Faculty may download and use these brief PDF introductions to Library & LSC services in class presentations or online courses.  PowerPoint versions of the files are available by emailing Kendra Perry.

Library Services

Embedded Librarians

If you include research or information literacy projects as part of your course, you may want to consider adding the services of an embedded librarian as an extra resource for your students.  Through the D2L platform, an embedded librarian, as an assistant instructor, can provide direct support to your students for specific assignments requiring specialized resources.  Particularly useful for online courses whose students cannot visit the library in person, an embedded librarian can also be great support for hybrid or face-to-face classes.  

Citation Styles

The links below provide specific information for the citation styles used at Hagerstown Community College:

APA 6th Edition Citation Style

APA 7th Edition Citation Style (what's new?)

Chicago Citation Style

MLA Citation Style

CSE 8th Edition Style

Annotated Bibliographies

Open Educational Resources

Are you interested in helping to make education more affordable for your students? Using an Open Educational Resource (OER) textbook is a great way to reduce costs and dependency on financial aid. Visit the library's OER LibGuide to find resources that can help you adopt, adapt, or create an OER for your course(s).


Learning Support Center

Participating Instructors

We are seeking instructors who want a collaborative relationship with the LSC. By sharing information with each other, we can support your students even better! To get started, all we ask is for some basic information about your class. After that, you will receive a weekly email to ask what’s new in your neighborhood (current assignments, upcoming tests, etc.). In exchange, we will provide you with some data about your students’ visits to the LSC.

Learn more or become a Participating Instructor

Embedded LSS

An embedded Learning Support Specialist (LSS) can provide specific guidance to your students as they move through the course.  As a participant in your online course site or through classroom visits, the LSS can provide direct support for student assignments.

To request an Embedded LSS, start by becoming an LSC Participating Instructor.

LSC Scavenger Hunt

Introduce your students to the Learning Support Center by embedding the LSC Website Scavenger Hunt into your D2L course. This six-question activity features information about how the LSC works, the many student handouts and link resources available, the Learning Support Specialist staff, and the new online tutoring interface through Zoom. Your students will become more comfortable with finding these academic supports when they need them, and you might discover something new about the LSC yourself!

To import the scavenger hunt into your D2L course:

  1. Download the .zip file below
  2. In D2L, navigate to COURSE TOOLS > COURSE ADMIN
  3. In the Site Resources section, click IMPORT/EXPORT/COPY COMPONENTS
  4. Choose the IMPORT COMPONENTS button, and the sub-button FROM A COURSE PACKAGE
  5. Drag or browse to upload the .zip file for the scavenger hunt (the current filename is, and click IMPORT ALL COMPONENTS.
  6. When the import is complete, the LSC Scavenger Hunt will be listed as a quiz activity for use in your course!

LSC Writing Center Consultation Form

Set Up a D2L Intelligent Agent