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PALS (Program of Adult Literacy Services) Resource Guide: Ability to Benefit

Ability to Benefit Program

Obtain your GED credential while taking college classes!

The ABILITY TO BENEFIT program is designed for students who do not have a high school diploma to continue their GED classes while enrolling in one of eight eligible career pathways using FEDERAL FINANCIAL AID!

Steps for Enrollment in the Ability to Benefit Program:

  1. Contact the PALS office at or at 240-500-2313. 
  2. Work with the PALS office to complete the HCC admissions process, including passing the Accuplacer assessment, completing financial aid documents, screening and choosing your career program, and more.
  3. Begin college classes and work on your GED!

Eight Career Pathways Available!

  • Alternative Energy Tech—Solar Energy Installation and Service
  • Advanced Manufacturing—Industrial Technology
  • Engineering Technology—Electronics Technician
  • Commercial Vehicle Transportation
  • Web and Multimedia Development
  • Graphic Design Technology
  • Cyber and Network Security
  • Information Systems Tech—Network Administration

Are you eligible?

  • age 19 or older
  • no high school diploma
  • Maryland resident
  • eligible to work in the United States
  • NRS level 3 or above (ask PALS if you don’t know)  

Email today for more information! 


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