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Library/LSC Instruction Request

Faculty who would like a Librarian to present library-related instruction or for LSC staff to provide writing instruction during a face-to-face class session can access a form at this link to request this service.

Embedded Librarians

If you include research or information literacy projects as part of your course, you may want to consider adding the services of an embedded librarian as an extra resource for your students.  Through the Moodle platform, an embedded librarian, as an assistant instructor, can provide direct support to your students for specific assignments requiring specialized resources.  Particularly useful for online courses whose students cannot visit the library in person, an embedded librarian can also be great support for hybrid or face-to-face classes.  Interested and want to learn more?  Contact the Library and Learning Support Coordinator by email.

Credo Information Literacy & Critical Thinking Courseware

Do your students have difficulty synthesizing information, reading scholarly material, evaluating information on the internet, and more? The Credo information literacy and critical thinking courseware is a resource that can provide instruction in these and many other areas without taking time away from your in-class or online instruction. Each Credo topic is presented in a self-contained module which can be used in combination with other modules or as a stand-alone module. Easily integrated into a Moodle course, your students can access the Credo information directly, without the need to log in to the Credo system. Credo quiz grades can also be seamlessly integrated into the Moodle grade book.

For more information and/or to be enrolled in the Master course to access specific module content, please complete the Credo Information Form.

Change Credo Module Content

If you are interested in changing the content of a Credo module or quiz, complete the Request to change Credo content form. Please allow 5 business days for this change to be completed.


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