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Computer Use


Hagerstown Community College has a policy for acceptable use of computers on campus. By signing in to a computer, all users agree to this policy.

Additionally, the Library maintains specific, internal computer use policies that are applicable to students and members of the public as outlined below.

  • Community patrons wishing to use the computers must provide either photo ID or an HCC Community Library Card as identification.  Staff will then sign them in to a computer workstation with a guest account.
  • Currently, there is no time limit for computer use. However, if all computers are occupied and there is a student waiting to use a computer for class work, community patrons or students engaged in leisure activities may be asked to relinquish their workstation for a student needing to do academic work. Games, email, and social networking sites do not support the mission of the college and must not delay or interfere with students engaged in class work.

Users may be barred from the Library and campus for:
  • Downloading and/or viewing obscene, harassing, or pornographic sites
  • Printing from obscene, harassing, or pornographic sites
  • Changing computer settings
  • Using computers for non-academic purposes including, but not limited to, running a business, illegal file sharing, system hacking, identity theft, etc.

Computers Available in the Library:


  • 10 desktop VDI stations (for use by the HCC community and the public)
  • 10 laptops without webcams (for in-library use, primarily by HCC students)
  • 3 laptops with webcams (for in-library use, primarily by HCC students)

Students, faculty, and staff may sign into the computers with their HCC Active Directory credentials (the same as those used for D2L, Self Service, and other campus resources). Community members will need to be signed in by a staff member after providing photo ID.

New!! Work-from-Home Laptop Kits and hotspots are available for 3-week checkout.

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