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Phi Theta Kappa: PTK Events

PTK members at October training

PTK members attend the training "Plating Your Five-Star Chapter" in October 2023

2024 Advisor team award at MSR!

2024 Middle States regional convention dance (ft. Ariana Bond, Maya Mentzer, & Caleb Bear)

PTK 2024 Middle States Chapter Presidents 

Campaign Managers 2024

Regional Campaign Managers 2024 (ft. Caleb Bear)

2022-23 Chapter President Caniah Mayo (left) and 2022-23 Chief Officer of Fundraising and Public Relations Alyssa Neff, after receiving All-Maryland Academic First and Second Team, Transfer Pathway awards. Neff also received the Coca Cola Foundation Bronze Scholar award. 

Middle States Region West President, Stephanie Odogu (2022/2023)

Middle States Region West President, Stephanie Odogu (2022/2023)

Glass blowing presentation & exhibit

Glass blowing presentation & exhibit at Catalyst 2023 in Ohio

2023 Catalyst - All Dressed Up and Ready to Celebrate!

2023 Catalyst with the Middle States Region - Pi Theta Chapter Representing!

Caleb meeting his idol, Kevin, at the 2023 Regional Conference

Busting moves at the 2023 Regional Conference 2023

PTK Phi Theta Kappa members engage with students during HCC's Club Day/Valentines Party.

PTK Member Photo

The PTK Pi Theta Chapter Team at the Fall 2022 Leadership Conference

Pi Theta Chapter Calendar 


Stay up-to-date on all the PTK events throughout the year! 


Missed a meeting? All chapter meeting minutes will be available below, just ask your advisor for the password to access them. 

HCC Chapter members after the 2023 Regional Conference


Expand your Horizons!

Regional Chapter

HCC is a part of the Middle States Region, which includes 82 PTK chapters from Delaware, Washington DC, Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The Middle States Region hosts a variety of in-person and virtual events and programs throughout the year, and can be a great way to network with neighboring chapters. Check out the MS Region's website for more information about their events, such as their Google Classroom virtual events! 


Phi Theta Kappa has chapters across the United States, and even around the world! The best way to connect with these chapters is through the annual PTK Catalyst event. Catalyst is the largest event of the year, bringing together people from around the world to celebrate the year's accomplishments, and to support future professional development for students. It is also where the new student international officers are elected each year. It is the highest level of student leadership, and any PTK chapter member in good standing is eligible. Learn more about the benefits of running for international office here

Hoping to attend a Regional or International event? Great! Chapter members must be actively involved in the Phi Theta chapter to be eligible. This includes attending meetings on a regular/semi-regular basis, completing PTK Edge modules, participating in chapter events, and/or working on Honors in Action or College Projects. 

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