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Phi Theta Kappa: Honors in Action

What is the Honors in Action Program?

Honors in Action (HIA) is a unique program designed to combine academic research, problem solving, and action-oriented service towards solving real world problems. It is an accessible and flexible program created to engage all students and PTK chapters regardless of chapter size or student majors. It is the best of both worlds, gaining valuable research experience while also serving the community! 

How It Works
  • Connect with the HCC chapter and work together to identify a pressing issue either on campus or in the surrounding community. 
  • Research your topic and gather information on ways to improve upon this issue. 
  • Create a plan of action to address the identified need and coordinate to provide the community with the service action.
Benefits of Participating

 Become a leader on campus. 

 Build your critical thinking skills. 

  Learn to work as part of a team. 

 Collaborate with community leaders and build valuable networks. 

HIA Resources

Check out the valuable resources from for useful resources to help you start your own Honors in Action project! 

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