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Phi Theta Kappa: HCC Chapter

Meet Your Advisors

Kristen Hoffman

 Self Image


Phone: 240-500-2712

Dawn Schoenenberger


Phone: 240-500-2304


Past Advisors

A huge thank you to Jennifer Szczesniak for 12 years as a PTK Advisor. All her hard work and dedication has helped boost the HCC Chapter to greater heights as a five-star chapter. 


What is Pi Theta?

Pi Theta is the name of the PTK Chapter at Hagerstown Community College. It is the only organization on campus that represents HCC at the international level. Our chapter is a 5-star PTK chapter and consistently achieves the high demands that distinguishes Pi Theta from other chapters. 

The Pi Theta chapter honors the PTK hallmarks by planning and initiating advocacy, and participating in events such as:

  • Researching and reporting on scholarships in time for members to apply.
  • Fundraising for Relay for Life.
  • Fall and Spring Adopt-a-Highway cleanup.
  • Hosting the annual Green Briar summer picnic with other chapters.
  • Fundraising with a holiday gift wrapping event.
  • Fellowship with an end of fall holiday party.
  • Advocating student commitment to complete by signing the 'Commit to Complete' banner.
  • Leadership development with Competitive Edge meet-ups.
  • Finding leaders and advocates in the community to speak at Pi Theta meetings and events.
    PTK Constitution and Bylaws

Familiarize yourself with the Pi Theta and PTK Constitution and Bylaws. 

What Does It Mean to be a Part of Pi Theta?

There are lots of advantages to being a member of Pi Theta! As a member, students have access to all the resources and opportunities available to every PTK student, including scholarships, networking and college transfer assistance, and exclusive professional development courses. 

HCC students also have the opportunity to grow their academic achievements through annual chapter events and programs: 

  • Participate in an Honors in Action research and service project. Earn valuable research experience and help make a difference in our community all at once! 
  • Access online courses through PTK Edge. Choose the self-paced course that will help you achieve your goals. 
  • Support the college's mission through the chapter's College Project. Work closely with college administration and collaborate on ways to improve on the college experience at HCC. 
Become a Pi Theta Officer!

HCC Chapter members at the 2022 Regional Conference

Looking for leadership opportunities? Join Pi Theta as a Chapter Officer! Any PTK members are eligible to run after completing a minimum of one PTK Edge. 

As an officer, students have the opportunity to: 

  • Take on the officer medallion and receive recognition and prestige.
  • Initiate fun and meaningful events to serve chapter members.
  • Make friends around the world by networking with other Phi Theta Kappans at conferences.


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