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Phi Theta Kappa: College Project

Make your College Project a success!

One World Festival Registration

What is the PTK College Project? 

The College Project is designed to develop, build, and maintain a supportive relationship between Pi Theta and the HCC college administration. It is an excellent opportunity to collaborate with administrators and to support the mission of the college. 

How does it work?

The Pi Theta chapter meets with the College President to discuss ways to help improve the college or the college experience for students. Projects can be anything as long as it benefits the college and is approved by the administration. 

Tips to consider in planning to develop a College Project:

  • Know the college mission statement and current strategic goals. These will help you when brainstorming ideas and you want to show the college administration you are familiar with the school's mission. 
  • Listen to the needs of the college administration. Learn what their concerns are and what ideas they may have to help implement change. 
  • Keep open lines of communication regarding status of project completion and obstacles encountered. The College Project is a process! It will take time to complete and you'll want to keep the administration up to date with how things are progressing. 



Still have questions about how to start a College Project or Honors in Action? This informative video can help! 


Past Projects

2023 - Supporting the First Time in College Student

This year, the Pi Theta Chapter will be providing their expertise and support during the New Student Orientation, providing a review of the new First Year Experience Course, Transition to College Success, and offering a listening hear and words of advice over the first two weeks of the FA23 semester with a "Coffee & Chat Hour with PTK Members" at different days and times in the Student Center.  The project culminates with PTK Members assigned to each one of the Transition to College Success course sections providing a Peer Mentorship experience to support the First Time in College student to have a successful semester! 

2022 - Celebrating Cultural Diversity

Join us at the One World Festival on November 15th from 10:00 am - 3:00 pm celebrating cultural diversity through food & displays on campus! 

Food tastings and cultural displays from around the World!  Do you want to participate?  Students, employees, faculty and alumni register today to represent your culture! Registration deadline is October 17th!

Questions? Email One World Festival Poster

2022 College Project One World Festival Gallery

PTK's One World Festival Event 1

Attendee's of PTK Phi Theta's One World Festival Fall 2022 enjoy popular Nigerian cuisine. 

PTK's Fall '22 President Caniah Mayo (right) and Fall '22 Chief Officer of Service and Fellowship Josef Ricafort (left) representing the Philippines and America during the One World Festival. 

PTK's Fall '22 Chief Officer of Fundraising and Public Relations Alyssa Neff (shown) and Stephanie Odogu representing Nigeria during the One World Festival.

PTK Fall '22 Vice President Maya Mentzer (left) and Heidi Kielek (right) representing Ireland and Sweden during the One World Festival.

Students outside of PTK were encouraged to set up their own tables representing other cultures to also participate in the event. 

Cups of candy for everyone!

Stephanie Odogu (right) and Alyssa Neff (left) keeping the Nigerian samples stocked and ready for attendees.

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