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Fletcher Center Teaching and Learning Resources: Writing Across the Curriculum

Teaching and learning resources for Hagerstown Community College

About Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC)

man writingWhat is WAC?

Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) is a national movement to provide students with frequent and significant opportunities to write and revise throughout their college experience. Writing in the academic disciplines deepens knowledge of course topics and strengthens students' communications and thinking skills.

WAC at HCC is an interdisciplinary, interdepartmental coalition of faculty and staff who collaborate on strategies to use writing across courses. The group meets to chat about writing in the classroom, best practices for assigning and assessing writing, and how students benefit from communicating ideas in various modes.

Join the WAC group at HCC

  • Meeting dates are available at the HCC Faculty Development Calendar on the Onboarding & Faculty Development page of this guide
  • Contact Sean Wynkoop, assistant professor of English and speech, for information:
  • The Writing Across the Curriculum Team, in Microsoft Teams, houses rubrics and other resources for writing

What type of writing to assign?

WAC decision tree for assigning writing

View this resource in a larger size - Infographic by Kate Benchoff

Writing resources

WAC workshop resources

Meeting Students Where They Are

Presented by Sean Wynkoop, assistant professor of English and speech, 10/10/2023

Writing to Learn resources

Writing to Engage resources

Meeting Students Where They Are slides

meeting students where they are meeting

Commenting on Student Writing

Presented by presented by Sean Wynkoop, assistant professor of English and speech, 9/12/2023

WAC Commenting on Student Writing slides

WAC commenting on writing workshop

AI Use in Writing Assignments

Presented by Sean Wynkoop, assistant professor of English and speech, 8/22/2023

AI presentation

Media Literacy

Presented by Eric Schwartz, assistant professor of political science, 3/10/2023

Media Literacy Resources

How can educators navigate the choppy waters of disinformation and misinformation today? title slide

Reading resources

"Teaching Content is Teaching Reading" - Cognitive scientist Daniel Willingham describes why content knowledge is essential to reading with comprehension, and why teaching reading strategies alone is not sufficient that students read with good comprehension.

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